Nothing but flowers is a small floral design business started in 2014 by an extremely passionate plant lover

The smell of a summer garden right after the rain. That scent is home, safety, calmness. That's one of my most earliest and vivid childhood memories that comes back every time I play with flowers.

I am obsessed with natural, wild and unusual floral arrangements. Being inspired by the surrounding landscape, gardens, and wilderness I love experimenting with plants, combining their colors and texture by heart, incorporating materials such as wild branches, herbs or berries in the bouquets.

I provide pre-ordered floral arrangements for events, small weddings, and various personal occasions.

Member of the Floret Farmer-Florist Collective

I enjoy flowers in season due to their quality, beauty and sustainability. Therefore, I gave myself a word of a seasonal floral designer: to strive to use as much locally grown flowers in arrangements as possible.

I am fascinated by the slow flowers movement, and believe that it is an effective way to make the floral industry more earth-friendly. Read more about the Floret Farmer-Florist Collective connecting the admirers of the global seasonal flowers movement HERE.

Contact details

+370 671 23154